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Hotels and Apartments

Loxone is one of Europe's leading home automation companies

brand, the number of Loxone projects increases every year

grows to a thousand. As a result, it is proven and reliable

our solution is many small and large-scale developers

became the first choice for him to incorporate the

into a building. From single-person apartments to large family apartments

to houses, Loxone offers an ideal solution for multi-apartments

for units and apartments.

Automation functions for Hotels

Unlike off-the-shelf devices, which are often stand-alone systems, a

Loxone is a truly holistic solution for lighting, heating, sound, security,

for shading and more. All of this can be perfectly automated

meet the needs of the residents of the home. The system can be customized to a specific

for a function, such as lighting, or can be extended to all elements of the building

to control, including zoned heating, intelligent security, access control, az

automatic shutters etc.
In addition, Loxone offers the following functions for all kinds of large scale

for development.

Intelligent building protection and monitoring

Loxone offers comprehensive functionality for building protection and monitoring:

Fire and water alarm

Smoke detectors, water detectors and temperature detectors ensure that your properties are constantly monitored. Upon detection, an alarm chain is started immediately.

Protection against storm and frost

Using a weather station to transmit live data, the building can automatically react when the weather turns and the wind picks up, closing skylights and retracting external shading.

Mold prevention

Excessive humidity can cause significant damage to the interior and insulation of the building. Controlling humidity and controlling air flow can prevent mold growth.

Building management

Data such as temperature, humidity and air quality are continuously recorded. This data can then be sent to building management staff for verification.

It's simpler than other automation systems

The award-winning Tree technology is a completely free-form cabling topology that enables home automation wiring to fit your installation. Only one cable is needed to manage communication and power for all peripheral Tree devices. This minimizes cabling costs and can reduce cable requirements by up to 80% compared to other similar automation systems.


Elements of the Loxone system


With Loxone, lighting, heating, shading and more work together in the most efficient way possible to reduce energy consumption.

Elements of the Loxone system

Cooling-heating and ventilation control

With Loxone, lighting, heating, shading and more work together in the most efficient way possible to reduce energy consumption.


Elements of the Loxone system

Lighting control

The lighting in your home always knows when it is needed thanks to Loxone's intelligent lighting control. When you enter a room, the appropriate lighting mood is automatically activated, taking into account the brightness of the room.

Elements of the Loxone system

Shading technique

Blinds, shutters, curtains and even awnings can be perfectly controlled with Loxone. Is the room too hot on a sunny day? Shades automatically lower to regulate the optimal temperature.


Elements of the Loxone system


Modernize the way you and your guests access your home. Use a secure key fob or PIN code as an alternative to keys, choose an HD video intercom that lets you see and talk to visitors even when you're not home.

Elements of the Loxone system


The security of the Loxone smart home is multifaceted: it protects against burglaries, protects residents from dangers such as fire or water leaks, protects the building and preserves your data, so you can always feel safe.


Elements of the Loxone system

Multi-room audio system

With a multi-room sound system, you can play and control music in different rooms of your home. In the lounge, you can play relaxing music to relax, while the children can listen to an audio book in their bedroom, for example.


Elements of the Loxone system

Pool Control and Maintenance

Pool care can be complicated. pH control, water purification, filtration, backwashing, rinsing and more. Fortunately, Loxone Smart Home can solve all this for you.


Elements of the Loxone system

Sauna Control

With the automated control of the sauna, heat, light and music are all taken care of, so that your health and relaxation perfectly meet your needs.


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