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Much more than heating and cooling

Get the most out of your smart heating and cooling system with our extensive functionality.

Automated Heating

Loxone calculates your exact heating needs and knows when you are at home and when you are away. This information ensures that every room always has the perfect temperature.

Building Protection

You can set predefined protection temperatures. If the temperature falls above or below these, the system automatically reacts to prevent damage to the building.


You can record and analyze all temperature data over any period of time - saving you money.

Energy Saving

Whenever possible, Loxone tries to use "free" methods of climate control - for example, heating the room with sunlight. With this, you can save up to 12.5% on your annual energy bill.

On-App Access

You can view and change the temperature at any time, even on the go. If you arrive later than planned, simply set the heating to come on a little later.

He knows the holidays

Loxone knows all holidays and takes this into account, ensuring the perfect temperature in the rooms.

Farming Mod

When no one is at home, the economy mode is activated - here you control the temperature as cost-effectively as possible within a predetermined range to avoid wasting money.

Notify immediately

If something goes wrong, we'll let you know right away. This gives you the opportunity to react quickly and prevent major problems.

Maintenance Reminders

As the system records general usage, you will be notified of any maintenance due.

Individual room control

A pleasantly cool 18° in the bedroom, a pleasantly warm 23° in the bathroom and a cozy 21.5° in the living room. We are aware that different rooms have different purposes, so they should not always have the same temperature. With Loxone, you can enjoy the perfect temperature day and night thanks to individual room control. All this happens completely automatically.

Self-study for perfection
If you want a room to be 21° by 6pm, that's exactly what it will be. That's because Loxone's heating and cooling controls learn intelligently, so it knows when to start heating the room to reach the desired temperature at the desired time.

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