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Security System

An intelligent security system you can rely on
Loxone offers a versatile intelligent security system that always looks out for you.

It constantly monitors for water leaks, fire, burglars and more. And the real one

beauty - most of the ingredients needed for this are already used for other functions

throughout the property, so you don't need much more.

Immediate notification

Call service

In case of an alarm, you can immediately call the number to notify about the problem. Giving as much time as possible to react.


Loxone App

You can view the status of your alarm at any time within the Loxone app. When an alarm goes off, you'll be notified immediately, no matter where you are in the world.

Alert notifications

If someone gains unauthorized access, an alert chain (which has several stages)

comes into operation. You can see all this in the Loxone app.

Alarm activated

This is automatically, depending on the time of day, via a switch or is done using the application. Devices like a presence sensors serve as alarm elements.

1st step

Silent alarm

You can be notified by email, call or push notification. If it is a false alarm, you can simply acknowledge the notification without any further steps.

Step 2

Loud alarm

The Loxone Audio server will start playing the predefined alarm sound at full volume.


Step 3

Visual alert

All the blinds open and the lights start flashing - alerting neighbors/passersby to the presence of anyone who shouldn't be there.

Alarm Off


A series of functions

A smart security system must offer more than just protection a

against break-ins. It should provide complete protection and security around the clock.

Panic Button

A button can be configured to trigger an alarm with a single touch; turning on flashing lights, moving the blinds and turning on the alarm sound.

Fire water

A quick reaction in the event of a water leak or fire can save not only your life, but also your valuables! If there is a damage event, we will notify you immediately to give you the best possible chance to avoid a significant danger.

Intuitive Control

You can easily activate your alarm through the app or by simply tapping the switch next to the exit three times. You can also link the alarm to the “Night Mode” section and activate it by triple-tapping the bedside switch.

Logging Function

You can see when the windows were last opened or who recently entered the property right from the Loxone app - great for parents who want to know their children got home safely from school.

Remote Mode

When leaving, triple-tap the switch next to the exit to activate Away Mode. This will automatically arm the alarm.

Presence Simulation

While you are away, your home, office, restaurant, etc. it doesn't look empty to burglars. Mimics natural behavior – turning lights on and off and moving blinds as if you were at home; This way we can avoid possible break-ins.

Alarm Zones

You can create as many alarm zones as you like - then each one will work independently.

Open Status

It notifies you with a text-to-speech function and/or a message on your phone if you leave a door or window open at night.

Child Lock

If the children are home alone, you can turn off potentially dangerous appliances, such as the stove. You can also disable switches.

Always With Respect

With the Loxone app, you can always see live footage from your surveillance cameras or intercom, no matter where you are – giving you peace of mind while you're away.

Reduced False Alarms

To avoid false alarms, more than one presence detector must be activated (within a predetermined time period) for the alarm to advance to the next level. Because a potential intruder is extremely unlikely to trigger just one sensor.

Delayed Alerts

The alarm is activated with a short delay to give you time to leave the building.

High functionality, low cost

With Loxone, there is no need for expensive hardware for intelligent security

to reach. This is because with existing components, e.g

presence sensors, door and window contacts, lighting and even shades

it works. Your security system works seamlessly with these elements,

to provide great functionality.

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