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Secure access control via the Loxone app

With our free app on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can easily and securely control access, manage users, assign individual rights and see who's at the front door.

User management

You can add users to the app at any time and assign different permissions to each person. This gives you complete control over who can access your home, office, etc.

Door phone

You will be notified immediately when the doorbell rings. Then, if you wish, you can talk to whoever is at the door or send a text-to-speech message directly through the app. If you miss a visitor, don't worry, a picture is stored in the app so you can see who was at the door.


Access rights

The application allows you to assign specific access rights. If a friend needs to get something while you're not home, simply give them a one-time code that's used once. If the cleaner comes every Friday at 3 p.m., you can assign a time-based code to make it easier to walk in.

Access with code and NFC

Access is easier than ever with Loxone. Just point the NFC remote at the NFC Code Touch and the door will open - it really is that simple!
NFC remote controls offer a more secure alternative to keys. If you lose a key, anyone can find it and use it; If you lose your NFC remote control, simply revoke access permission in the app. You can then simply use your code to enter.

Access via intercom

With Loxone Intercom, you can see and talk to anyone at your door, no matter where you are in the world. You can even let them in remotely or send a text-to-speech message if needed.
If a delivery arrives while you're out and about, you can speak directly to the postman through the intercom and let him know you're opening the door for him.

Unlimited flexibility.
Loxone works with all access control systems.

Due to the flexible nature of our system, all types of access are possible. Whether you want to control your garage door, side door or front door - it's all possible with Loxone.


Versatile, intuitive, safe

The Loxone access control system provides comprehensive functionality. Here are some key features:

Panic Button

A button can be configured to trigger an alarm with a single touch; turning on flashing lights, moving the blinds and turning on the alarm sound.

Fire water

A quick reaction in the event of a water leak or fire can save not only your life, but also your valuables! If there is a damage event, we will notify you immediately to give you the best possible chance to avoid a significant danger.

Remote Mode

When leaving, triple-tap the switch next to the exit to activate Away Mode. This will automatically arm the alarm.

Presence Simulation

While you are away, your home, office, restaurant, etc. it doesn't look empty to burglars. Mimics natural behavior – turning lights on and off and moving blinds as if you were at home; This way we can avoid possible break-ins.

Child Lock

If the children are home alone, you can turn off potentially dangerous appliances, such as the stove. You can also disable switches.

Always With Respect

With the Loxone app, you can always see live footage from your surveillance cameras or intercom, no matter where you are – giving you peace of mind while you're away.

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