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The connected system is energy efficient.

With Loxone, heating, cooling, shutters, ventilation and even lighting work together in harmony to maximize energy savings.

Save Energy

Your Loxone system works intelligently to save you money on your heating (and cooling) bill. Heating, cooling and blinds work optimally together for maximum energy efficiency. If it's too cold, the blinds automatically raise to use the power of the sun to warm the room. After that, the heating is only activated if it does not achieve the desired result. If it's too hot, the blinds will automatically lower to reduce solar radiation.

Optimize Your Energy Use

You can easily integrate your solar panels into your Loxone system. You can then use the collected energy to meet demand. The current electricity consumption and electricity production is also recorded by a smart energy meter - which you can view at any time directly from the Loxone app.

Use Energy

If you have an electric car and want to charge it, you can do so with the energy absorbed by the solar panels. Determine the charging time, start and stop the charging process at any time via the Loxone app, or set fixed charging times to take advantage of cheaper nighttime tariffs. Loxone also pays attention to the total current consumption to protect your system from potential overload.

Characteristics of the most efficient energy consumption:

Saving energy with Loxone is multifaceted and at the heart of your system.

Instant Shutdown

Your standby devices and other power consumers automatically turn off when they are not needed.

Heating & Cooling

By intelligently managing its systems, Loxone can achieve significant energy savings. Your system always tries to achieve the desired temperature in the most cost-effective way.

Room Shutdown

Double-tapping the switch in any given room will turn off lights, music, and devices in use. This means you can be sure nothing is left on.

Charging Management

Loxone monitors total energy consumption and balances energy usage during peak hours. For example, you can turn off certain appliances to free up energy to charge your car.

Energy Statistics

Energy usage data can be viewed at any time directly from the Loxone app. This allows you to analyze it yourself and uncover potential savings.

Device Notification

You will receive instant notifications when energy is being wasted or when energy consumption reaches a certain threshold. Giving as much time as possible to remedy the problem.

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