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Intelligent automation commercial
for buildings and individual applications

Loxone products are of high quality, user-friendly applications and intuitive

offers a broad portfolio of programming software that creates an unparalleled ecosystem

with many open surfaces. This makes Loxone a fully scalable solution that is perfect

private clinics, hotels, offices, and other commercial and custom applications


Hotel and Apartments

If you equip your hotel, spa or restaurant with Loxone, you will improve the experience of relaxation and comfort for your guests. It can also reduce energy consumption.

Office buildings

Create a unique work environment for your employees with intelligent functions such as personalized access or variable ambient lighting.


In fact, there are countless potential applications for our technology. There are already municipal buildings, community/sports halls, fire stations, doctor's surgeries and more that rely on Loxone's intelligent control and automation.

Focused on your specific needs

Loxone has a wide range of open, freely configurable interfaces

has a scale, so in every single element of the building

 integrable. The following interfaces are available:

type of communications

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