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Much more than shading

With the help of Loxone, shutters perform many tasks.

Security Day and Night

When you're on holiday, the shutters mimic your behavior to deter potential burglars. Also, if there's an emergency while you're inside, the blinds will automatically open to make escape routes more accessible.

Storm Protection

If you have exterior blinds or awnings and there is a storm, they automatically retract to protect you from wind damage.

Flexible Groups

With Loxone, you can group the blinds. Decide how many and which sets of blinds you want in each group - then you can control these groups as one.

Hőfok Management

In the summer, blinds help prevent rooms from overheating. In winter, they help keep the heat inside. All this happens automatically.

Solar Panel Optimization

Loxone's system will know where the sun is and what temperature it is. It uses this information to adjust blinds and heat rooms from natural sources – saving energy.

Perfect Harmony

From music to security to lighting, with the Loxone system, all aspects of the system will work hand in hand. This results in a harmonious ecosystem.

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