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Your lighting mood

Loxone offers endless flexibility – combine different light sources to create a completely personal lighting mood. Each light source works independently, allowing you to be extremely creative with your mood. A stunning contrast can be created if, for example, you use a spot lamp as the primary light source and then highlight the room with an LED strip.


Much more than "lighting"

We believe that "smart lights" should be much more than just color changing. With Loxone, you have a number of functions that are connected to the system as a whole.


Dimmed light is not only easy on the eyes, but also creates a completely different atmosphere in the room. You can also save energy - reduce your energy bill at the end of the month.

Presence Simulation

While you are away, your home, office, restaurant, etc. it doesn't look empty to burglars. Mimics natural behavior – turning lights on and off and moving blinds as if you were at home; This way we can avoid possible break-ins.

Get Up - Up Alarm

Why not a light instead of a sound? With Loxone, the light will gradually turn on just before your chosen wake-up time, gently waking you from sleep.

Soft Transitions

As you scroll through your lighting mood, our lights gently fade between them so there's no sharp, unpleasant change. This feature is also noticeable when the lights are turned on, instead of immediately switching to 100% brightness, they dim.

Child Lock

If you have small children, you can enable Child Lock. This temporarily disables the switches to prevent little ones from changing the light. While this is on, you can still change the lighting mood through the app.

Night Mode

If you wake up at night, the lights will automatically dim.


In the event of a water leak, a fire alarm or a suspected burglary attempt, flashing lights can warn. Instead of a doorbell, they can also be used to notify you when someone is at the door.

Energy saving

If no one is in the room for a certain period of time, the lighting is automatically switched off to save energy. Or you can turn off all the lights in the room at any time with a simple triple tap on one of our switches.

Natural light

The lights turn on automatically based on presence, however, the amount of natural light in the room is taken into account, meaning that the lights only turn on when needed.

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