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Many areas of application

Parental controls, remote access, filtering, backwashing, vacation mode and more. Discover the many services Loxone offers to help you get the most out of your wellness facilities.

Whether it's remote access, child safety or simply setting the sauna to the perfect temperature, Loxone has it covered. Thanks to the intelligent control, you can easily get more out of your sauna.

A pool can be brilliant, but it comes with a high level of maintenance: pH control, water treatment, filtration, backwashing, flushing, just to name a few. However, with Loxone, all this is solved automatically, so you can enjoy all the positives of using the pool without the negatives.

Control the pool cover, lighting, water temperature, nozzle system and more. You can do this from the pool, using the Loxone Touch Surface or from the Loxone app.

Smart Garden

Loxone can also save a lot of work in your garden. Intelligent irrigation control and automatic sun protection are just two examples of how Loxone can help your garden.

Tip 1: Intelligent watering
Let's be honest, most of us don't water our gardens as often as we should. Let's think back to the summer of 2018, watering the green grass became important due to the lack of rain. However, an intelligent irrigation system could have helped to prevent this. Loxone can help you forego manual watering. – allowing irrigation equipment to be automated on a schedule or according to the weather forecast.

Tip 2: Monitoring the water tank
One popular way to conserve the environment is to use a tank to collect rainwater; then water the garden with it on days without rain. Normally, it is not possible to know how much water is in the tank, but with Loxone, intelligent monitoring is quick and easy, so you will always know how much water is stored. If you have a pump, it can also be automated, so it only turns on when there is a predetermined amount of water in the tank.

Tip 3: Mood lighting
Smart lighting is no longer something that should only be considered indoors. Lighting is one of the most unique ways to bring a garden to life - the right lighting can transform a garden from ordinary to spectacular. Of course, this can be automated, so the outdoor lighting only turns on when it gets dark.
The great thing about gardens is that lighting can be implemented in a wide variety of areas. Thus, regardless of the shape and size of the garden, there will almost always be an opportunity to install intelligent lighting - whether it is along paths, on the exterior walls of the house, lights placed in the ground or even in and around a swimming pool. .

Remote access

Thinking about a dip in the pool or relaxing in the sauna on your way home? In the Loxone app, you can open the pool lid or preheat the sauna so it's ready for you when you get home.

Night Mode

At bedtime, a triple touch not only arms the alarm, turns off the lights and music, but can also close the pool cover or turn off the sauna

Child Lock

Make your pool and sauna childproof by simply adding a code to the controller. If you are not at home, the pool cover cannot be opened at all - so they cannot harm themselves.

Fire water

Is the pool cover really closed? Are you sure I turned off the sauna? Thanks to the Loxone app, you can view the status of any of these at any time.

Presence Simulation

Are you expecting guests? With a few taps on the app, you can put your pool into party mode, complete with lights and music. When you go on holiday, the pool can just as easily be put into holiday mode, where automatic pool maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

Always With Respect

Filter, backwash, rinse, circulate... The pool is a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of work. However, this does not have to be the case as Loxone takes care of pool maintenance tasks automatically.

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