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Building automation for offices and commercial premises

With Loxone, you can find everything you need to be smart

for building automation in offices and general commercial premises,

allowing it to provide a more comfortable and intuitive working environment

for employees. In addition to the fact that the staff will be satisfied, it is significant

you can also enjoy energy saving benefits through the automation of the room climate, which

helps to increase the cost efficiency of the premises.

Automatic shading

Fully automatic shading that intelligently adjusts itself depending on the position of the sun, solar radiation and temperature. Automated shading is a great help in creating the perfect room climate in the work area.

Protection against shading

With the help of the weather station, the building automatically reacts to frost or storms to avoid damage to external shades or skylights.

Ventilation on demand

Loxone uses accurate readings from CO2 sensors to automate ventilation, ensuring pleasant and healthy air quality.

Accurate recording

The exact values are recorded by a series of sensors. All of these can be displayed in the Loxone app so they will always be visible. This is useful for building management staff to monitor performance. In addition, maintenance schedules and service interval notifications can be set.

Simple access control:
via NFC remote control

Loxone's access control is simple and personalized. Your employees and subcontractors simply touch their NFC key to NFC Code Touch and get the right access if they have permission.

The NFC Key Fob is a cost-effective alternative to keys that can be placed directly on the key fob. If someone loses their keychain or needs to have their access terminated, the appropriate user can simply delete that user's keychain (via the app) and pair a new one if needed.

Fully automated alarm system

Loxone allows you to easily automate the alarm system in your office or business premises. Activation of the alarm system does not require manual intervention. It can be controlled automatically simply by being in the building.

The alarm goes off automatically as soon as the first employee enters the building in the morning using the NFC Code Touch.
When the alarm system is activated, the building starts a series of alarms.

This includes the external alarm sounding, flashing lights in the building, the screen opening and a loud alarm tone heard through the internal speakers. Appointed employees are also immediately notified that the alarm has been triggered, directly on their smartphones.

Save time with automation

Thanks to the high level of automation available from Loxone

your employees don't have to make manual adjustments all the time; the building

it will simply be as it should be. This is because with Loxone

equipped building senses things like presence, brightness, temperature and

air quality. Then, using this information, the Miniserver – which is a

Loxone system center – you can make decisions about functions around the building

which ultimately ensure employee comfort and save energy.

High-quality audio solutions for your office

Loxone offers intelligent multi-room audio solutions that are particularly useful in office/business environments. You can offer your employees and customers an unforgettable musical experience.

This is particularly useful in lobbies, stairwells and staff rooms used for restaurants or entertainment. The Loxone multi-room audio system offers the following features:

Automated music

Play music as soon as someone enters the room, and when the room is no longer in use, the music will automatically stop playing.

Multiple music sources

Whether you want to stream music, listen to a specific radio station, or play one of your own locally stored playlists, Loxone has it all covered.

Infinite flexibility

Control your office audio quickly and easily directly from the Loxone app. Designated staff members have full control over what is played and in which zones.


With a multi-room audio system, you can quickly make announcements to both employees and guests. Text-to-speech announcements can be automated based on times or events and played in specific zones.

Energy saving option

No one wants to work in a place that is too hot or too cold. With Loxone, they won't need it, as you can ensure that every room is always at the set temperature. Loxone optimally controls the heating and cooling sources to always ensure a perfect atmosphere in the room. Overall, significant savings can be achieved by automating the temperature of your office or business premises.


Elements of the Loxone system


With Loxone, lighting, heating, shading and more work together in the most efficient way possible to reduce energy consumption.

Elements of the Loxone system

Cooling-heating and ventilation control

With Loxone, lighting, heating, shading and more work together in the most efficient way possible to reduce energy consumption.


Elements of the Loxone system

Lighting control

The lighting in your home always knows when it is needed thanks to Loxone's intelligent lighting control. When you enter a room, the appropriate lighting mood is automatically activated, taking into account the brightness of the room.

Elements of the Loxone system

Shading technique

Blinds, shutters, curtains and even awnings can be perfectly controlled with Loxone. Is the room too hot on a sunny day? Shades automatically lower to regulate the optimal temperature.


Elements of the Loxone system


Modernize the way you and your guests access your home. Use a secure key fob or PIN code as an alternative to keys, choose an HD video intercom that lets you see and talk to visitors even when you're not home.

Elements of the Loxone system


The security of the Loxone smart home is multifaceted: it protects against burglaries, protects residents from dangers such as fire or water leaks, protects the building and preserves your data, so you can always feel safe.


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